Conditions of Participation

I. General

  1. Only those participants, being at least 18 old and having a valid postal address in the United Kingdom are authorized to participate in this campaign.

  2. The organizer and responsible instance for this photo competition campaign is Hella KGaA Hueck & Co., Rixbecker Str. 75, 59552 Lippstadt, "HELLA" in the following.

  3. Participation in the campaign is free of charge and not dependent upon the purchase of goods and services.

  4. The campaign begins on November 4, 2013, 12:00 p.m. and ends on June 15, 2014, 11:59 p.m.

  5. Participants in the photo competition must have an Internet connection and an e-mail address. The use of several e-mail addresses to increase the chance of winning is not permitted and will result in exclusion from the competition.

  6. The provided information is used to contact the winner and to deliver and administer the prize. In addition, HELLA is permitted to contact the participant by e-mail in the event of questions involving the submitted photo. Please address questions, comments or complaints concerning this contest to

  7. HELLA reserves the right to disqualify participants who violate the rules of participation or who attempt to influence the competition by means of technical manipulation. In the event of such disqualification from the competition, prizes may also be retroactively denied and recalled.

  8. All Behr Hella Service and HELLA employees are excluded from participation.

II. Prize

  1. The winning photos are selected by a jury commissioned by the company Behr Hella Service, Dr.-Manfred-Behr-Str. 1, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall, "Behr Hella Service" in the following.

  2. The winning photos will be printed on a variety of promotional items, such as banners, flyers, posters, etc worldwide.

  3. The participants whose photos are chosen will win a Behr Hella Service surprise package and an exclusive poster of the campaign. The winners will be notified by e-mail prior to 30.08.2014.

  4. If the prize is not accepted within a period of five (5) working days following the sending of notification of having won the prize in the form of an e-mail reply, Behr Hella Service reserves the right to award the prize to other participants.

  5. The prize cannot be awarded in a cash equivalent. Prizes are neither transferable nor exchangeable.

  6. Should it not be possible to provide the prize for reasons for which those responsible for the campaign cannot be held responsible, those responsible for the campaign reserve the right to provide a replacement of equal value.

  7. The prize will be shipped to the winner. The risk of accidental destruction and accidental deterioration is transferred to the winner following the surrender of the prize to the forwarder.

  8. The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the contact data provided. The claim to a prize on the part of the participant is null and void in the event that the prize cannot be correctly allocated in the course of the contest due to the provision of erroneous information.

III. Usufructuary right

  1. The participant grants Hella and Behr Hella Service an exclusive usufructuary right of use not limited in terms of time and content, and which is valid worldwide, to the photos uploaded by the participant.

  2. With their participation in the photo competition, the participant guarantees that the content he/she has submitted does not violate valid legal or official provisions or offend public decency (in particular this means not liable to corrupt the young, pornographic, racist, glorify violence, incite the masses or contain insulting content), that the photo does not violate the copyright of third parties and that he/she is the author of the uploaded photo. In this connection, the participant shall indemnify Hella and Behr Hella Service from the claims of third parties.

  3. Once a photo has been uploaded, the participant cannot revoke the right to publish. In exceptional cases, such as a violation of the copyright of third parties, or in the case of legal decrees, the editorial staff may remove a photo from the database. Requests to have a photo deleted are to be sent to the following e-mail address with reasons provided: The editorial staff will then reach a decision concerning the request and delete the photo from the database if the request is granted.

  4. By participating in the photo competition, the participant agrees to the content of these conditions of participation.

IV. Final Provisions

  1. Exclusively applicable law is the law of the Republic of Germany.

  2. These conditions of participation, including the mechanisms of the contest, represent the final rules for the contest. If one of these conditions is or becomes ineffective, the validity of the other conditions of participation remains unaffected.

  3. All decisions are final.

  4. Court of jurisdiction is Lippstadt.